Sites of interest to Anarchists

Web-pages by organisations or on topics which anarchists may find useful.

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  • Papers, Magazines and Journals

    Interesting on-line magazines, papers and journals.

    Lobster: Journal of parapolitics, intelligence and State Research
    Excellent journal exposing parapolitical goings on across the world. Find out what the secret state is up to. Recommended.

    Z Magazine: A Political Monthly
    Left-libertarian magazine, based in the USA. Contributors include such well known people as Noam Chomsky, Edward Herman and Howard Zinn.

    Left Business Observer
    Left Business Observer
    Excellent site for exposing the myths of modern day business and has a load of useful facts and statistics. Recommended.

    CovertAction Quarterly
    Site for the excellent magazine Covert Action Quarterly which keeps track of the actions of the state (secret and not-so-secret). Often contains articles by Noam Chomsky. Excellent selection of on-line articles on many important and interesting subjects.

    Multinational Monitor On-Line
    Excellent on-line journal exposing the actions of multinationals to the cold light of day.

    Red Pepper
    UK based left-radical magazine.

    Excellent UK based free-sheet. Covers roads protests and other forms of direct action. Recommended.

    The On-Line Report of the Progressive Review
    Interesting US based radical magazine.

    Dollars And Sense Magazine home
    Dollars & Sense Magazine
    Excellent US based magazine that aims to expose the realities of capitalism. Includes an excellent article on the Mondragon Cooperative complex in the Basque country.

    A US based quarterly magazine for independent minds which discusses politics, economics and culture.

    The Arbalest
    Based in the Southern USA, the Arbalest holds the position that the economy interferes with liberty just as much as the state does.

    Alternative Press Review - Your Guide Beyond the Mainstream
    Good US based magazine which, as wel as reviewing the radical press, has articles on current issues.

    Groups and Organisations

    Non-anarchist but interesting on-line groups.

    Independent Media Center
    Essential source for independent reporting on demos (plus extensive discussions).

    FAIR -- Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
    Exposes what the media hides and has an excellent account of bringing Rush Limbaugh's "Reign of Error" to an end.

    Welcome To ZNet
    Left-libertarian series of archives and links, based around Z magazine magazine. Includes a Noam Chomsky archive as well as a lecture series on Participatory Economics (based on the work of Michael Albert and Robin Hahnel and called ParEcon).

    Project Censored
    Lists the most censored news items in the United States. Find out what the capitalist media does not want you to know!

    Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery (CLAWS)
    Excellent anti-work and anti-wage slavery site.

    Peacefire Home Page
    Teenagers against net censorship. Great site.

    CORPORATE WATCH - "The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses".
    Name says it all! Site for keeping an eye on what the corporations are trying to do to us.

    Name says it all! Find out about the evils of sweatshops and how to stop them.
    Find out how Nike exploits workers across the globe.

    Solidarity Pages with Mexico
    Information on whats going on in Mexico and what the anarchist influenced Zapatista movement is up to. Essential reading. Plus Cartoons and photos from the Zapatista rebellion in Chiapas, Mexico

    Reseau de solidarite avec le Mexique - Montreal Home Page
    Solidarity web-page with the Zapatista. In French.

    The Gatherings for Humanity and against Neoliberalism
    Find out about the resistance to global capitalism. Excellent site.

    Frente Zapatista de Liberación Nacional
    Homepages of the Zapatistas, one of the best things to happened to Mexico for a long time. Also check out this Zapatista Women site.

    Earth First!
    Earth First! Journal
    Home page for the radical, direct actionist environmental group.

    Leeds Earth First!
    Home page of the Leeds (UK) Earth First! group.

    Leonard Peltier
    Home page for the campaign to free Leonard Peltier.

    EnviroLink Pre Home Page
    Home page for the non-profit organisation which unites hundreds of organisations and volunteers in over 130 countries. Has up-to-date environment resources available.

    QPIRG @ Concordia University Online
    Home page for an umbrella organisation of community activists, researchers, students and educators in Montreal, Canada.

    Alberta, USA, based radical students organisation aiming to put people before profits.

    Statewatch Home Page
    Statewatch: monitoring civil liberties in the EU
    Database on the state and civil liberties in the UK and Europe.

    South End Press
    US based left-libertarian publishers. They print works by the likes of Chomskey, Edward Herman and Howard Zinn.

    Common Courage Press -- Home
    US based radical publishers. They print lots of books by Noam Chomsky, plus other important works.

    United for a Fair Economy
    Useful information on the state of the US economy and what you can do about it.

    Reclaim the Streets!
    Reclaim the Streets!
    UK based environmental direct action organisation.

    TLIO-The Land Is Ours Homepage
    Campaign for land-rights in the UK. For access to our common birthright, the land!

    Direct Action Media Network
    DAMN is a multi-media news service that covers direct actions that progressive organisations and individuals take to attain a peaceful, open, just and enlightened society.

    Name says its all. Find out about non-violent direct action.

    Philadelphia Direct Action Group
    Name says it all!

    Institute for Global Communications--Welcome!
    Webpages aiming to expand and inspire movements for peace, economic and social justice, human rights, and environmental sustainability around the world.

    Anti-Fascist Action
    UK based Anti-Fascist Action. As the name suggests, AFA is a pro-direct action, anti-nazi group. Site includes articles from Fighting Talk, their magazine.

    AFA. Antifascistisk aktion i Sverige
    Anti-Fascist Action in Sweden

    IAI - Internationale Antitheocratique Insurrectionnelle - Insurrectional Antitheocratic International
    Some sort of revolutionary councilist organisation, aiming for self-managed communes/councils.

    Arizona Direct Action Coalition
    Name says it all!

    Mission Yuppie Eradication Project
    Anti-yuppie webpage from the Mission, San Francisco.

    Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
    Fighting for women's equality against religious fundamentalism and imperialism in Afghanistan.

    Interactivist Info Exchange: Independent Media & Analysis
    Useful webpage for news and analysis for radicals.

    Labour movement sites

    LabourNet UK
    Excellent resource for strike information and labour union links and information. Recommended.

    Labor versus Capital in the New World Order -- Rise Phoenix Home Page
    Another excellent labour resource, with links to many anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist webpages.

    Cyber Picket Line
    Very extensive labour resource directory.

    Welcome to Laborlink
    A gateway to several resources on trade unions, employment law and so on. US based.

    UnionWeb Home Page
    US based labour union site. AFL-CIO based.

    SIPTU Fightback - Ireland : SIPTU activists seeking a democratic & fighting trade union
    Irish rank and file group working to make their trade union more libertarian.

    Labor and Anti-Work Kiosk
    Good collection of labour movement links (part of the Mid-Atlantic Infoshop).

    LabourStart: Where trade unionists start their day on the net
    Useful selection of labour related links and information.

    Unicobas scuola - Federazione sindacale dei comitati di base. Sito nazionale. Raccolta Legislativa. Archivio di leggi, circolari, ordinanze, decreti concernenti la normativa scolastica
    Italian "base union" webpage. Militant rank-and-file ran labour unions.

    McDonalds Workers Resistance
    For all rebel McDonalds' workers!

    Situationist and Libertarian Marxist sites

    Not all Marxists are authoritarians or Leninists. Some support self-managed class struggle, working class autonomy and a self-managed socialist society. Here are a few sites on this minority trend within Marxism.

    Situationist International Archives
    Archive for one of the most important revoluntionary groups in the 1960s. The Situationists updated revoluntary theory for a society based upon consumerism and the mass media. Essential reading for a critique of modern capitalism.

    Anti-Economy Anti-Capital Net
    Interesting marxian libertarian-communist web-site. Situationist influenced in a big way.

    Harry M. Cleaver, Jr.
    Home page of the Autonomist Marxist writer. Contains essays with an interesting analysis of various aspects of capitalism. Like anarchists, Cleaver places emphasis on class struggle as the key to understanding capitalism.

    Excellent autonomist influenced libertarian Marxist magazine. Has articles on social struggles as well as a theoretical overview of the problems within the traditional Marxist ideas of (economic) crisis theory. Based in England.

    AUT-OP-SY Home Page
    Home page for all things Autonomist Marxist on the net. Autonomist Marxists, like anarchists, place great emphasis on the class struggle and self-managed struggles. Like most Marxists, however, they try to force their new ideas into Marx instead of trying to move beyond him. Still worth checking out.

    British based libertarian communist/Marxist magazine. Worth checking out.

    Eclipse & Re-emergence of the Communist Movement
    Classic introduction to libertarian marxist ideas.

    Collective Action Notes
    US based publication which documents and discusses different struggles. Has articles by Anton Pannekoek (a famous Dutch council communist) plus the excellent "A Ballad Against Work"

    For Communism - John Gray Web Site
    Has extensive archive of libertarian marxist/communist work by the likes of Paul Mattick, Anton Pannekoek and so on. Includes works by and about communist-anarchists like Kropotkin and Malatesta.

    RADICAL CHAINS: beyond Trotskyism, autonomism etc.
    Libertarian marxist magazine - contains excellent critical articles on Leninism and the history of the Russian Revolution.

    Antagonism Home Page
    Anti-capitalist and anti-state struggle for a world human community.

    Libertarian Communist Economy
    Interesting discussion on how a stateless communist economy could work. Written by a group of German Council Communists in the 1930s.

    Midnight Notes
    Autonomous/Libertarian Marxist magazine based in the USA.

    The Bad Days will end
    Magazine advocating communism -- the overthrow of capitalism by the international working class and the creation of a stateless and truly egalitarian society from below, by means of autonomous, radically-democratic, and voluntarily-federated workers' organizations.

    Common Dreams NewsCenter - News & Views for the Progressive Community
    Interesting Council Communist magazine.

    Break Their Haughty Power
    Interesting webpage from a libertarian Marxist.

    Left-communist magazine from the UK.

    Left Wing Communism - an infantile disorder?
    Multi-lingual council communist webpage.

    The Commoner
    A web journal for other values. An automonist Marxist webpage.

    General sites of interest

    General sites useful to anarchists and libertarians

    Critiques Of Libertarianism
    Excellent site for critiques of right-wing libertarianism. While not anarchist as such, it is full of interesting and useful information and arguments to use against right-libertarians.

    McSpotlight Pre-Home Page
    Find out the truth behind McDonald's corporate image! This web-site is about the McLibel trial - McDonald's charged two anarchists for libel and it has well and truly backfired on them. Lesson - don't mess with anarchists, they will stand up to corporate bully tactics!

    Rebuttal to the Anarchism FAQ of Bryan Caplan
    A good introductionary critique of the "Anarchist" FAQ of Bryan Caplan.

    Tom Tomorrow and This Modern World
    Often very funny political cartoons.

    Post Keynesian Thought Internet Archive
    Excellent source of radical economics articles and links. Essays from a wide range of viewpoints -- Marxist, Kaleckian, post-Keynesian and so on.

    When Corporations Rule the World
    Why capitalism has little in common with Adam Smith's original ideas and the danger corporations pose to our liberties and planet. Interesting read but also check out this critique called Antiglobalization.

    Contains much information about alot of topics. Thats the best description we can come up with at the present moment. Worth checking out.

    Political Corrections
    Extensive information resource. Has links to Noam Chomsky articles and a host of other useful information.

    Liberalism Resurgent
    Contains the excellent Steve Kangas' Liberal FAQ. Both sites contain loads of information and facts which debunk many political myths by using the latest studies, statistics and arguments. Recommended for the amount of information it places at your finger tips. Also good for exposing right-libertarian nonsense for what it is.

    This page fights against fascism, racism, imperialism and sexism. Has links to sites about East Timor.

    Plawiuk Pontificates
    "Voice of the Rebel worker" with articles and links on many subjects of interest to radicals.

    Kenin's Home Page
    Information on Municipal Socialism, a decentralised socialism based upon local people owning and managing their own towns and neighbourhoods.

    Beyond Capitalism, Socialism, Anarchism: Autonarchy
    Interesting essay on Autonarchy - an attempt to develop our political ideas into new areas.

    Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters
    Hate adverts? Think they pollute the mind? Then this is the site for you!

    LOL Entry Page
    Left on Line - A cyber community of people concerned about social change. Associated with Z Magazine.

    Economist Jokes
    And why not?

    The People's Page: Texts and Links for the Worker and Student
    Has links to and information about many left-wing and capitalist stuff. Also has a nice little section on anarchism. Worth looking at.

    Thomas Jefferson and His Writings
    Nice site on the ideas and works of Jefferson (who, while not an anarchist, does have some important ideas some of which have alot in common with anarchist ones). Also contains the excellent Objectivism and Thomas Jefferson which saves Jefferson from the Randoids as well as making many telling arguments against Ayn Rand's dogma's.

    The Official Judi Bari Home Page
    Homepage on the life and struggles of Earth First!er and Wobbly, Judi bari who died recently. Worth looking at.

    Webpages on noted philosopher and social activist Bertrand Russel. Russel was influenced by anarchist and (left) libertarian ideas and was a supporter of Guild Socialism.

    Interesting webpage full of arguments against capitalism and other subjects.

    Melbourne (Australia) based collective which provides information and a analysis of current struggles.

    Jay's Leftist and "Progressive" Internet Resources Directory
    Name says it all. Links to loads of interesting sites, including anarchist ones.

    Peace Tree
    For information on Food not Bombs, Peaceworkers International and other peace related activity.

    First Nations
    Links and information on Native America issues.

    Solidaritygroup Political Prisoners
    Name says it all.

    Activism - Wilderness - Politics - Ecology
    Information on various topics, including Chomsky, Emma Goldman, the US spooks (CIA and FBI) and social activism in general.

    Radical anti-capitalist page. Contains information on anarchism and council communism.

    Jay's Leftist and "Progressive" Internet Resources Directory Top Page
    Extensive listing of "leftist" sites, plus anarchist and other revolutionary ones.

    Anti-Racism in Ireland
    Name says it all.

    MAI? No thanks...!
    Webpage against the "Multilateral Agreement on Investment" and the globalisation of capitalism. Also mirrored here

    Ending Corporate Governance: Revoking Our Plutocracy
    Source of useful information and facts on corporations and how to stop them.

    Filtering in Libraries
    Webpage on net-censorship in public libraries (in the USA in particular).

    Micheal Moore Homepage
    Homepage of that wonderful (and funny) battler for the underdog, Micheal Moore (author of Downsize this! and star of TVNation. Also check out The Awful Truth, his excellent new TV show. Recommended (if you don't laugh, you're dead!).

    The Anti-Capitalist Web
    Not much there just now, but it looks promising.

    The RickSters Activist Home Page
    Useful resources for activists.

    Information and links for activists and other subsersives!

    Economic Democracy Information Network.

    Pieman's Home Page-Happiness is a Cream Pie
    Have pie, will fling! Find out about the merits of using pies as a means of protest. Worth checking out! Direct Action at its funniest...

    Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement - Duke Special Collections
    Very useful resource on a very important movement.

    The Computer Clash Unit ( CCU ) is a part of 'Progressive Network' and 'Blissett International'. The main goal of CCU is to enable progressive/leftist/anarchist/... groups and movements to build and maintain webspace to spread their ideas, opinions and experiences. Also in Dutch, Spaak en TandradX. Not sure what to make of it, to be honest.

    Edward Herman
    Home page about Edward Herman, radical economist and co-worker of Noam Chomsky.

    Welcome to
    Webpages on the work of Alfie Kohn about the benefits of co-operation. Essential reading for all anarchists.

    LETSystems - the Home Page
    Homepage of Local Exchange Trading Systems. A modern form of mutual banking and alternative, non-interest bearing, money.

    The University of Texas Inequality Project
    Find out about inequality across the world.

    Anxiety Culture: Entry Page
    UK based anti-work site.

    GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
    GNU's Not Unix! - the GNU Project and the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
    Homepage for very libertarian and cool GNU Project. Essential reading for a wee bit of anarchy in action!

    Public Domain Campaign
    Anti-copy right campaign webpage.

    Wolfman's U of C Page
    Selection of anarchist and other left-wing links and papers.
    Fighting fascism, hate, and bigotry both on and off the internet.

    Florida Radical Calendar
    This is a calendar of events occurring in radical and progressive communities throughout the state. the goal of the site is threefold: to provide accurate information, to unify activists and to encourage people to get involved.

    The 'Participatory Economics Project' homepage.
    A vision of a non-capitalist participatory economy. Contains the books Looking forward, Political Economy of PARECON and A quiet revolution in Welfare economics, all of which are worth reading as they contain some interesting ideas.

    Labour Theory of Value FAQ
    Introduction to the Labour Theory of Value.

    Anti-Fascist Forum
    Name says it all!

    Ithaca HOURS
    Home page for the alternative money system.

    NoLogo: the book that became part of a movement
    Excellent related to the influential book No Logo

    Jo Freeman: Feminist Scholar and Author
    Webpage of the famous feminist writer.

    Anti-fascist Think Tank :: No Pasaran!
    Anti-Fascist webpage.