An Anarchist FAQ now published!

AK Press (UK/USA) has now published volume 1 of An Anarchist FAQ (ISBN: 978-1902593906).

Volume 1

An Anarchist FAQ: After 10 years


Introduction to Volume 1

Section A: What is Anarchism?

An overview of what anarchism stands for, where it comes from and what anarchists have done. Presents a summary of the major schools of anarchism as well as important anarchist and related thinkers.

Section B: Why do anarchists oppose the current system?

Why anarchists are against hierarchy, capitalism and the state. What they are and how they affect liberty. On the negative nature and impact of social hierarchies and economic classes.

Section C: What are the myths of capitalist economics?

Why capitalist economics is an ideology, not a science. Why anarchists think capitalism is exploitative. Exposes the extremely negative effects of trying to run a society along the lines recommended in economics textbooks.

Section D: How do statism and capitalism affect society?

How economics and politics cannot be separated and outlines the impact of each on the other. It indicates how wealth influences society and discusses the media, imperialism, nationalism, state intervention and technology.

Section E: What do anarchists think causes ecological problems?

An overview of the roots of the ecological crisis and why anarchists reject many commonly proposed solutions as inadequate (when they do not make it worse).

Section F: Is "anarcho"-capitalism a type of anarchism?

No, it is not. If you know about anarchism and its history, you will already know why.

Appendix: The Symbols of Anarchy

This explains why anarchists carry Black and Black and Red Flags and use the circled-A. What they mean and where they originate from.

Volume 2

Volume 2 (sections G to J) is sheduled for publication in 2010